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About the Gallery

I began the Gallery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1986. For over twelve years, I had the pleasure to present numerous exhibitions featuring many of the South's most celebrated Self-taught artists. Often those exhibitions were reviewed by notable art critic and author, Tom Patterson. His insightful essays are available upon request (at no charge). In 1999, I moved to Newport, Rhode Island. I since have continued to work in the field as an independent dealer. Please be assured that all art represented is authentic and of respectable provenance. Please contact us if you are visiting Rhode Island.

The Vernacular art that the Gallery represents comes from the Southeast United States. It embodies visual traditions of the same cultural groups whose musical traditions created such forms as Blues and Old Time music. The diverse cultural heritage of the "Deep South" and "Appalachia" gradually cross-pollinated over the past century. It is this collective heritage which makes the region unique. The South's performing art traditions have had worldwide influence and have spawned most popular styles of American music and dance. Yet, until recently, little attention had been paid to this vital and spontaneous visual art. I specialize in paintings and drawings by many favorite artists. Their styles may vary but their work is original, uncontrived and (to various extents) evokes the character and soul of the region.

The Outsider art that the Gallery represents comes from the United States and Europe. It exhibits a directness of expression somewhat similar to that found in Abstract Expressionist art. The deep concentration and spontaneity in the creative process of many Outsider artists leads to powerful compositions. I appreciate these qualities in the twisted dreamlike narrative paintings of Melissa Polhamus, the spontaneous symmetry of Minnie Evans‘ drawings, the feminine Dubuffet-like figurations of Riet van Halder‘s paintings, the meditative collage of Jerry Wagner, the obsessive details and distillation of form in the work of Leroy Person, and the dense lyrical brushstrokes of a Martha Grunenwaldt painting.

To purchase art, please note the artist and the artwork name and email us at Selftaughtart@aol.com or call us at 401-847-0991.

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